Getting Started

Please share ideas you have to help other classrooms get started with this experience.


I am introducing GPS and geocaching to my 3rd grader this week. I have setup the following WebQuestand will be completing a VoiceThread in the next few weeks with them.


I am introducing GPS and geocaching to my 4th grade students this week. One-third will watch Launchpad: How GPS Works and High Tech Treasure Hunt - CBS Evening News. The next third will watch this Geocache Documentary Trailer and Dave Ulmer and the First Geocache . The final third will watch Geocaching on WUNC-TV and KSL Utah News Geocaching.

They will present their findings to their classmates. I have a document with questions and answers in Word. Feel free to download the document, remove the answers and modify it.

K12 Online Conference

Unlikely Coordinates? Geocaching Across the Curriculum

Presenter: Beth Ritter-Guth Presentation Description: Can a worldwide scavenger hunt and a GPSr change the way we teach? ABSOLUTELY! This presentation will introduce geocaching and educaching and provide examples and resources to those interested in getting students out of the classroom!